My crypto keys and other stuff.

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GPG Keysigning Policy

Key Information

pub   4096R/0x84170D85CAEBD4B2 2014-10-15
      Key fingerprint = 03CD 582F 13C0 682C 8F52  9C05 8417 0D85 CAEB D4B2
uid                 [ultimate] Jesper Hess Nielsen <>
uid                 [ultimate] Jesper Hess Nielsen <>
uid                 [ultimate] Jesper Hess Nielsen <>
sub   4096R/0x351A89E40D763F0F 2014-10-15 [expires: 2017-02-12]
sub   4096R/0x72CA3526265EE03C 2014-10-15 [expires: 2017-02-12]
sub   4096R/0x34516323BA9366C2 2014-10-15 [expires: 2017-02-12]

Key Signing

I am willing to sign keys at keysigning parties and conferences. Please, do not email me requesting that I sign a key if we do not already know each other.

Signature Requirements

I am willing to sign the following types of keys:

My requirements per signature trust level are as follows

I generally only sign keys with trust levels 0x12 and 0x13.

My private master key

My private master signing key is only used for the following purposes:

My private master key is generated and stored offline on a clean, air-gapped machine that is always booted fresh with the latest version of Tails. The private master key has never and will never be exposed to the internet and is protected by a long, secure passphrase.