My crypto keys and other stuff.

* This site is also available as a Tor hidden service: http://graffenteqk3od63.onion (requires a Tor-enabled browser)
New v3 HS address: k56fvg3kwldqyx3gv2zgumst7qimiql2fg55l7hhoshquhx5raeiibid.onion


Hi! I’m Jesper. You’ve found the place where I advertise my current set of crypto keys and fingerprints.

There’s a GPG-signed version of the markdown behind this page here.



The following are the best ways to contact me securely and/or anonymously. Since I cannot guarantee that the the fingerprints listed below are always 100% up-to-date, please also verify them through a different channel.


You can share files with me directly if you have your own Nextcloud. My federation ID is:

If you choose to share things with me in this manner, please encrypt the files using my GnuPG key.

Jabber / XMPP

I run a Jabber/XMPP server that is open for anyone to sign up on and use to chat with thousands of other jabber users around the globe. See more here.


If you need to give me access to your server via SSH, you can use this (GPG signature) SSH key initially.

Personal CA root certificate

I run my own CA. Here is the root certificate.
Here is a Signed version



Read my latest GnuPG key Transition Notice

Key signing policy

I will sign your PGP key if you ask me to, and I have somehow verified that the identity of the key matches your identity. I will probably also ask you to sign my key.

GPG Key Signing Policy Signed version

Deprecated Crypto Keys

The following keys have been deprecated for one reason or another. Please don’t use these to communicate with me. I haven’t been too good at taking backups of my Jabber OTR keys so I’ve gone through a few of them.